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a la me

2008-03-24 11:24:16 by ingoguy15

So, I may get a new computer soon, or rather, build one. The fact remains that if I can't put OSX on it, my music is most likely over. Sorry to those who enjoyed it. (Although, I don't know, since no one voted or left a review) And I hope that my music career will only go up from here.

no-one cares!

2007-10-06 10:07:43 by ingoguy15

So, I have good news and bad news. Good news: I'm getting a different model monitor
If any1 even careas that is.. Why do i keep doing these if NOone fREAKING READS THEm!?!?! i guess I want to. So, I have to say that you should check out CI; Unregulated if you havent already done so. Also check out Darwinia on and see DEFCON while your at it.

I'm going to be on hiatus for about 3-4 weeks. My monitor is defective and I will not be able to make or even review for quite some time. The monitor, specifically is a ViewSonic VA712b LCD monitor. It is producing interfering audio static and is keeping my computer from entering sleep mode. In addition, major burn-in exists. I have fought it with a free java program called JScreenFix but it is no use. If anyone even cares, listen to my music. I won't be able to make any more for a month and, since school is starting, that hinders my progress even further. On a side note, does anybody remember the old game Marathon? A 1994 fps made by bungie before microsoft bought them out. Aleph One is an engine based on the open source code of Marathon 2. It allows those with mac OS X, windows, and even linux to play it. Thats not all, a dedicated online community still exists. There are people who play online so try it. You may like it.

Listen to my music

2007-08-09 19:31:15 by ingoguy15

"Nuff said!


2007-07-25 08:00:39 by ingoguy15

Hey, I have another sermon for you.
Today, our dogs, Bonnie and Clyde were in the dog pen behind our house when a baby dear wandered in.
We have to put him/her down.
Not the dogs, but the dear. It's very sad. We really can't blame our dogs, they were rescued and they had to hunt to survive. Why do things that didn't do anything wrong have to die? What possible purpose can this serve?
I think that they just hit the reset button of life. Reincarnation helps to deal with the fact that those who die aren't necessarily bad. They just get another chance at life. When an animal dies, their soul goes up to a kind of repository. Then they are used randomly whenever reproduction occurs. The soul determines personality and traumatic experiences scar the soul. Things like this cannot be proven but I believe that a soul is not eternally punished or rewarded, but he/she, is stored for later use across the universe. They mostly do not remember but occasionally, a soul does remember how it died. Have you heard the stories of children giving extremely accurate information about death and other important facts of a person's life in the past?
This is the result of a soul remembering its past life. Occasionally, there is an accident and two souls inhabit the same body. We call this MPD or Multiple Personality Disorder.
But, you say, "Doesn't a person with MPD get killed and another soul emerges in the same body"
This is ridiculous. If a body is so badly damaged that it cannot survive, then the other soul will not survive.
This is all my own theories and I don't think I hit the nail on the head, but I do feel that this area is worth exploring...

About my music and diversity

2007-07-22 20:37:00 by ingoguy15

I really noticed a large change in the kind of music I create. At first, I was just bumbling around in the dark, trying things. I then learned about using loops and then I started to move.
But it wasn't enough.
Isn't it interesting how the first people to do something and just happen to hit the nail square on the head get the most praise regardless of their quality of work?
I am referring to the audio portal. ParagonX9 got his music there first and if you're the only one there, you are the best by default regardless of the quality of work.
Not that I'm saying his music sucks or anything. It is really good. But it shut the door for the rest of us. A few have gotten lucky, but there are millions upon millions of songs out there that are so totally ignored that people think. "I can't do this!" and they give up. That's the problem with the world. If someone does it well, that's great. But those who do it well afterwards are mostly shunned. It's true!
Think about George Washington and then think of John Adams. Who is more important to you?
It's probably George Washington. See? John Adams was a great president and he is barely mentioned because George Washington got there first.
That's the way of the world and it is no exception here on Newgrounds either. Who knows? upon the hundreds of thousands of flash cartoons, the guys who are at the top got there first and they stay there.
But look around, maybe you'll find something better and get it in the spotlight. Same goes for music. People, please! Take the time to look around in the audio portal a bit. Some guy who you've never heard of may have the perfect piece!
Some of you may be saying "Ugh, that takes too long!"
Patience is a virtue. People, you can't take 5 minutes on a cartoon and expect to be on the front page. It takes months to do things like that, maybe even years! Believe me, it's no walk in the park.
"Oh, what do you know? You've never made anything, why should we believe you?"
Look, this is said so often that people ignore it. I don't mean to say that those who made it first are bad, really I don't. But those who didn't aren't bad either. Change is the hardest thing for a human to accept. Whether it's death or a simple redecoration or even the good old days, things change and people look behind them and say "Why did I take that for granted? Now it's gone forever." Most of you are teenagers here but there are other people that visit Newgrounds as well. To all of you: Look around and enjoy what you have. Change it even if you like it! You may find that you like something else better. Or mix it up with what you have. If you don't like it, then change it back! Just see something that you thought "Eh, it doesn't look good." Don't judge a book by it's cover. If we did that, we'd get nowhere in the world.
If you don't do things a little different every day, you are a sad soul. If you change of your own will, later you will accept involuntary change.